Screen Repair of Panels & Partial Rescreening

Sometimes it is only necessary to repair certain panels on a screen enclosure. Possibly just a few roof panels need the screen repaired on your pool cage. Other times you may have a pesky varmint that keeps tearing out a base panel on your screen Room. This is a time when pet screen might be a good option for the screen repair. Maybe one of the kids put a baseball through a body panel on the patio enclosure.

Another example of partial rescreening of a screen room might be in the case of hail damage. Many times the damage is only to the roof or top portion of the pool enclosure. Therefore only the roof of the screen enclosure will need replacement and repair. All of these are examples of times when replacing just panels or partial rescreening may be in order. This is usually due to physical screen enclosure damage rather than old age or wear. The other screen panels are usually still good in these circumstances. Screenologist, Inc. specializes in these kinds of screen repairs whether it is on your patio, screen porch, or pool enclosure.

These types of screen repairs generally consist of one screen repair crew coming to your home to take care of the work. The time to complete fixing the screen will vary depending on the size of the repair job and how many panels need to be done, but in most circumstances, it takes somewhere between 30 minutes and a few hours. You can expect your screen repair to be fast, clean, and courteous as we do our best to meet any specific needs you may have on your screen enclosure.

We have also recently gotten back into doing window screens. If you would like an estimate or to have your screens repaired please fill out our call us toll free at 1-888-322-7419 or email for more information.





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