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As any good physician will tell you, when you suffer an ailment, it is in your best interest to treat the cause of the ailment and not just the symptom. Our Screenologists determined that the splitting and tearing of your screen panel is a symptom thats underlying cause is brittle and deteriorating screen. When this condition occurs, the slightest breeze or object touching the screen or pool enclosure can cause the screen to tear. You have two choices. You can deal with the symptoms and replace the torn screen panel, or you can treat the cause and rescreen your entire enclosure, eliminating the inconvenience of future disruptive and costly house calls.

Replacing Panels vs. Complete Rescreen
When considering the price of a complete rescreen consider the following
On a 24ft by 45ft pool enclosure

Replacement Panel by Panel          

"Best" Complete Rescreen
Rescreen 62 panels $4,508.00 $3,315.00
Replace door hardware additional included
Install new bolts where needed additional included
Caulk enclosure & gutters additional included
Complete wash down (including deck) additional included
    A $1,193.00 Savings

When you have Screenologist, Inc. do our "Best" complete rescreen on your pool enclosure (or bird cage as some people call it), you will not only have the peace of mind to know that you are protected from Florida's snakes, mosquitoes, flies and other varmints with the best quality screen on the market. You will also have the peace of mind in the event of severe weather knowing that the structural integrity of your enclosure has been restored by our installation of new bolts adjacent to where old ones had rusted out or were missing. Your enclosure will be chemically washed. Debris will be removed from the pool with our exclusive self-contained Vac Pac cleaning system. The spline groves will be chemically cleaned and treated to prevent future slippage of the screen. New door hardware will be installed including door closer, handle and bug sweep. When we give you our "Best", your pool enclosure will be almost like new, virtually trouble free, you will no longer have the inconvenience of workers disrupting your peace and quiet while providing costly repairs on an ongoing basis. 

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