Porch Rescreen

Screenologist, Inc. of Central Florida specializes in rescreen and repair, including the screen repairs necessary to fix screen rooms, screen porches, screen patios, florida rooms, or any other smaller type of screen enclosure.

These types of screen enclosures are usually attached to the back of a home and covered with some type of solid roof covering including aluminum pans, or structural roof panels. Sometimes the home itself serves as the roof to the screen room and the screen panels are actually “framed out” of the existing porch area or screen lanai. The screen of any type of porch enclosure will usually see some wear and tear due to sun exposure, water exposure from sprinklers, and general damage from use. And, if you keep pet food on the porch and live along a conservation area, sometimes even BEARS will damage your screen porch enclosure (ask us how we know). When the screen has reached a point where it is brittle and tears easily, it is usually time to rescreen the entire screen porch.

The rescreening process on a porch enclosure is a screen out, screen in process. This is where the crew removes all of the old screen and wraps it up. Then they install the new screen in the patio enclosure or lanai. The work is usually performed by one screen crew. The time to perform the work can vary greatly as the size of a screen room can vary greatly, although the time to perform the work on the screen room is usually somewhere between one and four hours. You can expect a fast, friendly, and clean service when you have Screenologist, Inc. of Central Florida completely rescreen your screen porch enclosure.




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