Gutter Repair

Screenologist, Inc. of Central Florida specializes in the rescreen and repair of screen enclosures including gutter repair, super gutter repair, gutter sealing, and gutter cleaning.

The gutter repair services that we do at Screenologist, Inc. are not all inclusive of all gutters. What that means is that we handle the gutter that directly attaches to your pool enclosure. We do not handle any gutter work that is not directly related to a pool enclosure which excludes normal house gutters, commercial gutters, etc. The gutter that runs between your home and your pool enclosure is the gutter that we specifically handle. There are several different ways that we can take care of this gutter.

The gutters that run between the house and the pool enclosure on older installations is usually made of roll form aluminum (a soft flimsy aluminum). This required the installation of aluminum structure that runs under the gutter and attaches to the house. This can make for an eyesore, and can help channel water to cause wood rot. The other way that they used to attach pool enclosures to a house was by screwing directly to the flimsy house gutter! This can make the pool enclosure extremely wobbly and unstable.

The new way, and the way that meets Florida building code, to attach a pool enclosure to a home is by attaching to a structural super gutter. A super gutter is extruded aluminum (extremely rigid) and is strong enough for a man to hang on it to do a pull-up. Try that with your normal house gutters (actually please don’t try that!). This rigid super gutter provides a strong structural aluminum attachment location and eliminates all of the problems mentioned in the previous paragraph.

What we often do is remove the old gutter and attachment, install a new structural super gutter and screen back anything that needs to be done in the process. This provides a worry free and attractive super gutter attachment.

Another service that we offer is to clean and reseal the gutters adjoining the screen enclosure. See the Washdown/Chemical cleaning service page or the “Best” Complete Rescreen service page to see more info on these services.

Rest assured that when you have Screenologist, Inc. of Central Florida work on your house gutter or super gutter, you can expect a fast, clean, and courteous job that will bring you trouble free enjoyment for years to come.

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