Washdown & Chemical Cleaning

Screenologist, Inc. of Central Florida specializes in the rescreen and repair of pool enclosures, screen rooms, screen porches, and patios which includes our exclusive system designed to keep pool enclosures clean and extend the life of your screen enclosure.

A washdown is the name given to the cleaning process used by Screenologist, Inc.. A washdown can either be part of a “Best” Complete Rescreen package (see the service page), or as a stand alone service for repeat customers or those who simply need their enclosures cleaned. Generally a washdown included the application of our algae killing / algae retarding chemical. This is applied to the screen, framework, and deck under the enclosure. Then these surfaces are pressure washed to remove the dead algae and other dirt and stains, etc. The gutters and downspouts adjoining the pool enclosure are cleaned out and resealed. The door kits are replaced to ensure that the screen doors operate properly. Finally, the enclosure is resealed with caulk where necessary to ensure that no pests can enter through cracks.

Some of our competitors “pressure wash” the enclosure when they completely rescreen the enclosure, however this is not enough. Pressure washing does not kill the spores of algae or prevent their return. It’s like pulling a weed out and leaving the root. The algae will return very quickly. Screenologist, Inc.'s washdown service is much more comprehensive and protects our customers in many more ways than a simple pressure washing service.

The average chemical washdown is done by a one-man crew and usually takes anywhere from 4 hours to a day. When you have Screenologist, Inc. of Central Fl. washdown your pool enclosure you can be assured that your enclosure will be cleaned to the highest standards, done in a timely manner, and completed by a trained chemical washdown tech.

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