Chemical Wash Down

Chemical washdown process of a pool enclosure rescreen and screen repair

The chemical wash down portion of our Complete Best Rescreen service often needs further explanation as many of our potential customers have never heard of a "chemical wash down". To answer such questions, we have compiled a list of the step by step activities of the wash down to answer any potential questions.

What happens during a wash down?

  1. Pressure technician arrives on the job.
  2. If the pressure tech is the first crew to arrive for the day, notifies the customer of presence on the job.
  3. Unloads and hooks up necessary equipment in the back yard.
  4. If pool equipment is on, our technician shuts it off.
  5. Technician hooks up our exclusive VAC PAC pool cleaning system that eliminates wear and tear on the existing pool equipment while removing any debris that may fall into the pool.
  6. Wets adjoining bushes and shrubbery with the pressure washer to create a "water shield" against chemical burning.
  7. In order to kill algae and spores, applies chemical to entire pool enclosure and deck with pressure washing chemical injector.
  8. Cleans out the gutter with the pressure washer.
  9. Blows all excess debris off the pool enclosure roof that can be reached from the house roof.
  10. Blows all excess debris off of the deck before cleaning the pool enclosure in order to minimize debris getting knocked into the pool.
  11. Pressure washes all visible framework as close as possible in order not to damage the finish on the framework while still removing as much dirt and algae as possible.
  12. Makes sure the bottom spline groove is accessible to the rescreening crew by blowing away any large leaf, dirt or mulch build-up.
  13. Pressure washes the pool deck as close as possible in order not to damage the material finish while still removing as much dirt and algae as possible.
  14. Skims any debris off the pool surface caused by the wash down.
  15. Uses VAC PAC to remove any small debris from the pool bottom that may have been missed by the automatic pool scavenger.
  16. Turns the existing pool equipment back on.
  17. Does one final check of the job.
  18. Packs up equipment.
  19. Pressure tech leaves the job.

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